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“SUCH a wonderful massage. I am a massage snob having received some good ones and some really really bad ones. Perfect pressure, great technique and I think Jack is my overall favorite and my new massage go to!! Thank you!!” –  Jayne 10/18/15

“There are many qualities that made Jack’s massage delightful– and restorative. It seems the foundation of Jack’s therapy is to set the stage for deep relaxation, allowing the nervous system to still (which is where the healing happens.) He achieves this by a remarkable sense of presence, using fluid stokes, and by being attuned to the client, applying the precise amount of pressure that the tissue is wanting. Treat yourself to the gift of being met with kind, responsive touch.” – Tim 05/13/15

“I appreciate how Jack surpasses the status quo massage, he had techniques that were very unique. I appreciated the energy he held in the space and his desire to truly heal. I would definitely come back for another session.” – Julie 08/10/15

“The techniques Jack incorporated into the massage just melted the stress and tension away, which exactly what I needed. I highly recommend Jack. I will be returning soon.” – Brett 08/23/15

“I really enjoyed the relaxing vibe in the room and overall in was a fabulous massage.” – Marrakech 10/11/15

“He is very detailed in his muscle work and uses the right amount of pressure. His passion for bodywork truly comes through.” – Gina 08/16/15

“Great massage therapist, worked on all my problem spots and really listens to concerns. Very professional. Lovely ambiance.” – Jennifer 10/02/15

“I received my first ever massage from Jack. All I can say is awesome!” – Samantha 07/6/15 

“Jack is a skilled, kind massage therapist, and my experience was deeply relaxing and healing.” – Lily 4/29/15

“Jack comes highly recommended! He is well trained and skillful in his art” – Susan 05/3/15

“I enjoyed the welcome nature that Jack provided, as well as his ability to bring intentionality to his work. I also appreciated his ability to check in during the massages.” – El 09/28/15

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jack in the education field for many years now, and he has shown incredible patience, understanding, compassion, and integrity. I continued to work with him while training to become a massage therapist, and he has shown a very high level of enthusiasm for the healing arts. This is more than a change in careers for him, this is a passion and a lifestyle. Those who are lucky enough to have him work on them will benefit greatly.” – Andrew 06/28/15

“Jack is a talent who knows how to help work those troubled spots! Thoroughly enjoyed my massage and intend on being a repeat customer. Highly recommended !!!” – Jefferson 10/6/15