About Jack

I find that self-care and self-love are important to keeping myself sane, happy, loving, and present. I draw from a variety of practices such as breath awareness, yoga, meditation, qigong, and movement within nature to cultivate peace and well-being. All of these practices help me to be more present and at my best when working with you on the table.

I am a registered licensed massage therapist in the state of Washington and Colorado. I practiced massage in Colorado from July 2015 until July 2018. Then I moved my practice to Clark County Washington.

I graduated from Healing Spirits Massage Training Program in Boulder, Colorado in 2014. I have been practicing yoga since 2006 and completed my yoga teacher training at the Nosara Yoga Institute in 2011. I have volunteer taught throughout the Boulder community. I also worked for the publisher of the acclaimed massage therapy text, Trail Guide to the Body, giving me a strong background in human anatomy and palpation along with great customer service skills.